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Built for AI Development

LayerGPT is in the process of developing groundbreaking technology – a Layer-2 blockchain system that capitalizes on the AI and data revolution.

We leverage cost-effective, secure, and privacy-focused zkRollup technology to transform data into a valuable resource, which fuels the creation of value across multiple industries through AI models.

In pursuit of our ambitious vision, we harmoniously integrate two of the most cutting-edge and previously unpaired technologies:

  1. zkRollup Layer-2 Blockchain: This revolutionary blockchain system serves as the cornerstone of our approach, enabling transactions that are not only private and secure but also incredibly scalable. This technology represents the future of blockchain, facilitating seamless and efficient interactions.

  2. Data-to-AI Engine: At the heart of our operation is a sophisticated Data-to-AI Engine, meticulously designed to gather, process, encrypt, and encapsulate data. This engine forms the critical link for commercial applications, making data a valuable asset that powers various industries through the capabilities of AI. It is our secret sauce, processing raw data into actionable insights, propelling value creation in numerous sectors.

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