How to Use LGPT Chatbot


Enter the realm of LGPT Chatbot - a breakthrough AI-driven platform that empowers your Discord and Telegram experiences. Whether you're looking to engage in intelligent discourse on Discord or seek advanced moderation tools on Telegram, LGPT Chatbot is your go-to platform. Let's dive into how you can fully utilize LGPT Chatbot on these platforms.

AI-Driven Chatbot Interactions: Available on Both Discord and Telegram:

a. Prompt Interaction:

  • Discord: Initiate AI-powered interactions on Discord using commands such as /lgptbot or by simply replying with /lgpt@LGPTBot. ( coming soon)

  • Telegram: Use /lgptbot, /lgpt@LGPTBot, or reply with /lgpt@LGPTBot for seamless conversations.

b. Crafting Your Questions:

  • Ensure clear and concise queries for the best AI-driven responses on both platforms.

    Example: /lgptbot What's the latest in AI research?

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