🪙Token Information

🪙 Token Details 🪙

🏷️ Token Name: LayerGPT

💎 Symbol: LGPT

🌐 Blockchain Platform: BNB Mainnet

💰 Total Supply: 10,000,000

💸 Taxes: 💼 3% - Buys & Sells

💸 1% - Stakers ETH Payout

📢 1% - Marketing

🔧 1% - Development

🛠️ Utility Token:

🗳️ LGPT tokens play a pivotal role in governance decisions within our AI service. Token holders have the power to cast votes on significant development choices, new features, strategic directions, partnerships, and more. Voting influence can be directly proportionate to the number of tokens held.

💼 Staking:

💰 Staking LGPT tokens presents an opportunity to earn interest, with rewards paid out in LGPT tokens. This serves as an added incentive for users to retain their tokens. Moreover, staking LGPT tokens unlocks access to advanced features and services. The greater the number of tokens staked, the higher the tier of available services. 💎💼

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