In-Depth Tokenomics Overview 📈

🚀 Initial Token Allocation:

💼 20% - Reserved for Presale Investors: Supporting early backers who believe in the project's potential, providing them with an opportunity to participate in its growth.

💧 12% - Allocated to the Liquidity Pool: Ensuring a liquid and stable trading environment, enhancing accessibility and market stability.

👥 5% - Designated for the Team: Recognizing the core contributors and builders of the project, aligning incentives with long-term success.

📈 15% - Set Aside for CEX Listing: Facilitating the project's expansion by enabling listing on centralized exchanges.

🌐 3% - Allocated for Airdrop and Blockchain Ecosystem Building: Promoting widespread adoption and growth of the LayerGPT ecosystem.

🌱 10% - Reserved for Farming and Staking Rewards: Incentivizing token holders to actively participate in the network by staking and farming, enhancing security and governance. 🤖 10% - Allotted for AI Rewards: Recognizing and rewarding AI participants, promoting data contributions and the overall AI ecosystem.

📣 15% - Earmarked for the Community (Ecosystem Growth and Marketing): Supporting community initiatives, marketing efforts, and ecosystem development.

🤝 10% - Dedicated to Partnerships: Establishing strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand the project's reach and capabilities.

This comprehensive allocation strategy is designed to ensure a robust foundation for the LayerGPT ecosystem, fostering growth, development, and active community involvement. 🌟💱

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